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real concrete & terrazzo overlay

Australia's multiple award winning ventura 10mm polished concrete overlay system is an innovation. Poured in situ, our residential and commercial ventura overlay is real Portland cement concrete (not plastic, not epoxy, not resin, not PVC) that does not yellow, split or scuff.  Made from the highest quality sands, aggregates and pigments, our extensive range of colours, aggregates and aggregate sizes, delivers a near limitless colour palette for interior and exterior applications. 

ventura creates a modern, timeless, sophisticated and hard-wearing surface with the inherent character and beauty of concrete.  Real concrete overlay.

Create your custom floor by choosing from our contemporary colour palette, combining your natural aggregate selection, the aggregate sizes and your finish - non-slip, honed or fully polished. Yes, you can choose more than one aggregate and aggregate size! Samples always available.

ventura Project Gallery

Colours of Australia Range

Our signature range for product-of-the-year, 2015 ventura 10mm polished concrete overlay.

Create Your Own Custom Look

Can't find what you are looking for? Contact us for a custom sample tailored specifically to your needs. Or, call us to come and see where the magic happens and take a look through our collection of samples.

 Ventura Advantages

Natural Materials

No​ polyester resins or plastic & low silica. Only natural responsibly sourced materials.


Engineered to be high strength, high tech & low shrink. Handles high foot traffic in commercial and public spaces through to high point load exhibition and showroom spaces.

Poured in Situ

Can be played over existing floors/surfaces. [Note: Some preparation may be required]. Can be applied over in/on slab heating systems.

Suitable for Wet Areas

Suitable for wet areas provided it is ground to a honed finish for a non-slip result.

Fluidity of the Space

Unlike precast tiles, terrazzo overlay that is poured in-situ can span up to 7000mm between expansion joints. The expansion joints can blend or be the hero - with statement options available.

Proudly Australian

Manufactured in Kyneton, Victoria.  Available throughout Australia and overseas.

Why ventura?

Inherent Characteristics Unique to Concrete​

Tonal variation, varying aggregate shapes and sizes, nuanced hues are all natural characteristics of concrete and  result in a wonderful organic end product.

Raw Beauty

CC's proprietary ventura 10mm polished concrete overlay             system exudes a raw beauty that cannot be replicated by other products.

Mixed and Cast on Site

Mixed in small batches following strict water add rates to achieve as       much uniformity as possible. It is not flowing from a truck.

Custom Made to Order

Your choice of colours, aggregates and aggregate sizes.

Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Applications.

CC's proprietary ventura 10mm polished concrete overlay system can be used for indoor or outdoor applications (*13mm outdoors) to create a seamless flow through from one area to another. Our products are UV stable.

Pair Your Floors, Walls and Countertops.

All our products can be paired to provide continuity and flow. Match your floors, walls and countertops for that truly unique look.

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