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sustainable concrete & terrazzo
"Watching the world embrace the idea of zero-waste is one of the most exciting prospects on earth." - Joost Bakker, zero-waste activist.

Collaborating with Joost on his Melbourne Federation Square "Greenhouse" project spurred us into action. His vision of zero-waste inspired our new range of Australian
7 Concrete with a reduced carbon footprint.

None of our products contain
polyester resins or plastic and all are comprised of responsibly sourced materials. Our high-strength products are naturally cured to provide durable, low maintenance, quality flooring, tile, cladding or benchtop solutions. 


A compelling feature of high-strength concrete is its durability and efficient life-cycle. Engineered to a level that provides exceptional strength and wear capabilities, a Concrete Collaborative floor will continue to cure and increase in durability throughout its life.


Did you know, Australia imports over 5,000 M/Ts of artificial / engineered stone each month? It is not recyclable or biodegradable and is difficult to repurpose. Crushing artificial stone generates respirable crystalline silica which, if inhaled, can lead to accelerated silicosis (it's bad!). 

Unlike artificial stone, our concrete products are comprised of natural materials and do not contain polyester resins or plastic. They can be recycled or repurposed and used in various post consumer applications.

Low Energy

Rather than baking or firing, our concrete products are left to naturally cure at ambient temperatures, ensuring an overall lower embodied energy and therefore a low carbon footprint as compared to similar products.

Passive Energy Efficiency

Used strategically and integrated with other smart design and technologies, concrete’s thermal mass can reduce the operational energy needs of large commercial, retail and residential buildings.

Australian eco  Concrete

Our Australian eco Concrete another Concrete Collaborative innovation. Handcrafted in Australia, it has a reduced carbon footprint and low environmental impact.  We achieve this by replacing Portland cement with furnace slag & ash wastes. Natural stone aggregates can be replaced with recycled brick or concrete. And, we substitute mined sand with recycled glass. We are actively embracing a zero-waste concept.

The Dangers of Engineered / Artificial Stone

We do not manufacture artificial or engineered stone! And for good reason.....

"The past decade has seen the re-emergence of an entirely preventable occupational respiratory disease that was prevalent in Australia in the 1940s to 1960s: silicosis. Silicosis is caused by inhalation of respirable crystalline silica generated when manipulating - cutting, grinding and polishing - material containing silica such as engineered stone. The re-emergence of silicosis has been mostly driven by the popularity of engineered stone material which has been available in Australia since the early 2000s." - Extract from the National Dust Disease Taskforce Final Report June 2021.

"Engineered stone products can contain up to 97 per cent silica. The high amount of silica means that there is a very high risk of workers developing breathing problems and silicosis if they breathe in dust made from these products."- Extract from the National Dust Disease Taskforce Final Report June 2021.

Additionally, engineered stone gives off toxic fumes when it burns. Concrete, on the other hand, does not burn – it cannot be set on fire and it does not emit any toxic fumes when affected by fire. Concrete is proven to have a high degree of fire resistance and, in the majority of applications, can be described as virtually fireproof. Our products are safe to use as a hearth, kitchen splash back or in your outdoor BBQ area. 

All our concrete products offer safe, reliable alternatives to engineered or plastic stone. WE JUST LOVE CONCRETE!

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