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Real Concrete Overlay



ventura concrete overlays create a modern, timeless, sophisticated and hard-wearing surface with the inherent character and beauty of concrete.

Our high-strength, low-shrinkage Portland cement concrete mix is 50Mpa plus and, as such, it’s high abrasion resistance is desirable for the highest of traffic applications such as airports. ventura is a bespoke material and is available in all colours, three forms and multiple aggregates. Suitable for flooring and countertops.

Complimentary products include pacifica concrete countertops, stair treads and concrete and terrazzo tiles.

Possible Substrates

Our system follows the guidelines of Australian tiling Standards. Normally over new or old concrete but can be laid over timber or tiles.

When over timber use a reinforced cementitious screed or 7.5mm fc sheet with caulked joints. When over tiles remove/repair any drumminess.

For underfloor heating and heavier loads use the 15mm pour. All substrates must be clean, structurally sound and free of substantial cracking.

Structural & Slip Rating

Concrete overlays are non-structural, and although fully-bonded, may reflect structural movement. They will reflect the natural characteristics and aesthetics of concrete such as minor patching, tonal variation, hairline cracking and pitting. Any slip rating can be achieved from non-slip to honed to polished.

Indoor & Out

Real high-strength concrete absolutely suitable in wet areas. Pour thickness indoor 12mm with 6m x 6m aluminium, brass or plastic tile strip joints.

Outdoor 15mm strips, 4.5m x 4.5m joint spacing.


Experienced contractors available in most States, however, full training can be supplied to interested polished concrete contractors.

Contractors normally pour the overlay at “lock-up” and grind and hone after plumbing, electrical, plastering and lighting but before skirting boards and painting. 5 day minimum curing is recommended for faster turnaround projects, 10 days plus is preferable. We recommend protective sealers for maximum protection but can be finished with penetrating sealers if preferred.


Care for your overlay floor as you would for any concrete floor. Wipe up spills and spot clean. For residential use an Enjo type mop regularly. Mop with CC Maintenance to continually refresh the lithium sealer.

For smaller commercial projects consider an i-mop or Polivac with twister white pads, for larger commercial auto-scrubbers. An annual professional clean is recommended for residential.

Samples & Lead Times

Samples always available, allow a week for custom cast samples. Project supply turnaround is 2-4 weeks.


Our proprietary products include: 

  • CC Concrete Primers;

  • CC Terrazzo & Benchtop Pre-Mix;

  • CC Mix- Water Conditioner;

  • CC Curehard;

  • CC Coloured Nano-Grout & Nano-Cement;

  • CC Lithium Super Hardener;

  • CC Pre-Seal Hardener;

  • CC Protector;

  • CC Natural Finish Impregnator, Buffing Pads, Applicators, Spiked Rollers; &

  • CC Maintenance.

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