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"We have tried it and it is very workable, has a good pot life while you’re trowelling and doesn’t need a primer." – Client Testimonial.


Pinfix nano-cement for concrete fills super-fine pinholes, small air voids, pop-outs, cracks and other gaps in the concrete surface to create a monolithic surface ideal for all polished concrete applications.

Pinfix is available in ready-mix grey. All CC colours are available upon request. Ideal for all concrete surfaces including polished concrete floors and benchtops. 


  • Natural Portland cement based, meant to bond with concrete

  • Fills the finest of pinholes

  • Easy to apply by hand or machine

  • Good pot life

  • Doesn’t need a primer

  • Ideal for grouting all polished concrete surfaces 

  • Excellent for natural crack repair

  • Can add Extra Fine Sand for patch repair

  • Designed by CC for a superior finish


Always test a small area to confirm suitability, coverage rate and desired results before beginning overall application.

  • Thoroughly clean and prepare the substrate

  • Mix CC Pinfix (100ml water to 300g Pinfix)

  • By hand use grout spreader or, by machine with the grouting plates

  • Do manageable sections, say 3-4m at a time

  • Let cure for 24 hours (4 hours minimum)

  • Remove with 100 resins (rubbing block or machine) wet or dry

  • Finish floor to desired sheen, clean up with water

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