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concrete conditioner

CC's proprietary admixture is formulated to provide maximum water reduction, shrinkage control and workability for self-compacting concrete.

Simple, economic, and easy to use, CC's Admixture is a concrete conditioner designed for a superior finish.


  1. High range water reduction.

  2. Lessens potential of drying shrinkage cracking.

  3. Vastly enhances concrete rheology - workability, flow, and finish.

  4. Results in improved concrete durability.

  5. Good for interior and exterior surfaces. 

Directions for use:

Ventura Classic Terrazzo Overlay

Add 110ml per 20kg pre-mix bag (water max. approx. 1650ml) 

Ventura Fine Terrazzo Overlay

Add 120ml per 20kg pre-mix bag (water max. approx. 1750ml) 

Ventura Nil-Exposure Overlay

Add 165ml per 20 kg pre-mix bag (water max. approx. 2350ml) 

Follow detailed mixing instructions.

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