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evaporation control & finishing aid

Ready to use CC Film retards moisture evaporation from freshly cast concrete surfaces in addition to functioning as a finishing aid. Simple, economic, and easy to apply, CC's Film is an evaporation retardant designed for a superior finish.


  1. Protects concrete from the effects of excessive moisture loss in rapid drying conditions

  2. Good finishing aid to fresh concrete for extra smooth and durable concrete floors

  3. Helps reduce shrinkage and cracking

  4. Good for interior and exterior surfaces

  5. Non-hazardous

Directions for use:

  1. Shake Vigorously.

  2. Use directly from container.

  3. Wear protective gloves and eye protection during work.  If contact occurs rinse immediately.

  4. Apply with a fine mist sprayer as soon as the concrete is deposited.

  5. Wash equipment after use.

Coverage: 8m2/l

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