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concrete protector
protective sealer

Concrete Protector polish guard / ultraseal is a water based concrete coating that dramatically increases the stain resistance of interior and exterior concrete floors.


  1. Produces a long-lasting, tough protective shine.

  2. Adds depth and lustre. 

  3. Keeps soiling and contaminants from penetrating and simplifies maintenance cleaning.

  4. Good for interior and exterior surfaces. Treated surfaces maintain slip resistance.

  5. Odourless and non-hazardous.

  6. UV stable. Does not yellow, discolour, peel or flake.


Coverage: 20sqm/l (for 2 coats).

Directions for use:

  1. Ensure surface has been HARDENED, CLEANED & BUFFED.

  2. TEST a small area first.

  3. Apply with a low-pressure SPRAY avoiding puddling, SPREAD using a microfibre pad. Avoid overlapping.

  4. Allow surface to DRY, typically 30 minutes.

  5. REPEAT application and BUFF with a white pad. For benchtops do THREE coats with buffing after.

  6. Wash equipment with fresh water after use.

Concrete Protector gains its full stain repellency in 7 days. Not for use around pools or fountains.

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