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Concrete Protector - Protective Sealer

Concrete Protector polish guard / ultraseal is a water based concrete coating that dramatically increases the stain resistance of interior and exterior concrete floors.


Concrete Protector - Advantages

✔  Produces a long-lasting, tough protective shine.

✔  Adds depth and lustre.

✔  Keeps soiling and contaminants from penetrating and simplifies maintenance cleaning.

✔  Good for interior and exterior surfaces. Treated surfaces maintain slip resistance.

✔  Odourless and non-hazardous.

✔  UV stable. Does not yellow, discolour, peel or flake.


Concrete Protector - Directions for Use

1. Ensure surface has been HARDENED, CLEANED & BUFFED.

2. TEST a small area first.

3. Apply with a low-pressure SPRAY avoiding puddling, SPREAD using a microfibre pad. Avoid overlapping.

4. Allow surface to DRY, typically 30 minutes.

5. REPEAT application and BUFF with a white pad. For benchtops do THREE coats with buffing after.

6. Wash equipment with fresh water after use.


Concrete Protector gains its full stain repellency in 7 days. Not for use around pools or fountains.

Concrete Protector - Protective Sealer

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