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Pre-Seal Hardener - Concrete Hardener

Available in 1L, 5L & 10L bottles.

An advanced alternative to conventional potassium silicate surface hardeners. Invisible and penetrating, it promotes strength and durability for polished concrete surfaces.

Simple, economic, easy to apply, colourless & low odour Pre-Seal Hardener is designed for a superior finish.


Pre-Seal Hardener - Advantages

✔  Excellent penetration.

✔  Extremely durable.

✔  Improves abrasion resistance.

✔  Eliminates dusting.

✔  Cures quickly - little or no "down time".

✔  UV Stable. Does not discolour, peel, or flake.


Pre-Seal Hardener - Directions for Use

1. CLEAN, wet scrub. Use neutral detergent.

2. TEST a small area first, COVERAGE approx. 30sqm/l.

3. Low pressure SPRAY avoiding puddling, SPREAD thinly using a microfibre pad.

4. Keep WET for 5-10 mins, applying additional Hardener where drying occurs.

5. After 15 mins, using a squeegee or machine, RINSE to remove any residues. DO NOT let residues dry on surface.

6. Let DRY for 30 mins. Process can be repeated to use up any excess material.

7. BUFF with a white pad before/or just apply Concrete PROTECTOR.

Pre-Seal Hardener - Concrete Hardener

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