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Curehard - Curing & Grinding Compound for Polished Concrete Surfaces

Available in1L, 5L and 10L bottles.

Curehard invisible curing and grinding compound is designed to reduce moisture loss, increase durability and strength of polished concrete surfaces.

Simple, economic, easy to apply, colourless & odourless Curehard is a curing system designed for a superior finish.


Curehard - Advantages

✔  Improves Productivity

✔  Enhances concrete strength

✔  Aids crack control

✔  Boosts surface hardness & durability


Curehard - Directions for Use

1. Use directly from container.

2. Wear protective gloves and eye protection during work. If contact occurs rinse immediately.

3. For curing - After initial set (when able to walk on, usually the next morning) apply liberally with a high volume, low pressure sprayer and let cure for 5 days, preferably 10 days minimum. Use CC Film Evaporation Retarder on the day of the pour.

4. For grind hardening - Spray and spread with a microfibre applicator after the coarse grind. After the medium grind, spray and spread thinly with a microfibre applicator.

5. Application rate 5m2/l approximately.

For honing / polishing , densifying / hardening, use our CC Lithium Super Hardener.

Curehard - Curing and Grinding Compound for Polished Concrete Surfaces

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