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venice & venetian

terrazzo tile & slab

Timeless, refined and contemporary - distinctive character and style forge a fresh take on retro terrazzo. Natural stone aggregate and 'all-natural' materials create subtle movement in this versatile and environmentally preferable product range. Each tile features only the finest natural stone aggregates of granite and marble. All natural raw materials create movement in tone, variation in exposed stones, and character unique to concrete terrazzo and slab surfaces. venice & venetian are great alternatives to poured terrazzo and natural stone. Our Venice tiles feature aggregates up to 10mm.  Our Venetian range features eye-catching chunky terrazzo for a fun and fresh signature look.  

Create your custom floor or wall by choosing from our contemporary colour palette, combining your natural aggregate selection, the aggregate sizes (3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 14mm, 20mm) and blend. Yes, you can choose more than one aggregate and aggregate size! Samples always available.

venice & venetian Project Gallery

Create Your Own Custom Look

Can't find what you are looking for? Contact us for a custom sample tailored specifically to your needs. Or, call us to come and see where the magic happens and take a look through our collection of samples.

Our Flekk tiles reveal a "salt and pepper" exposure of nature stone aggregates.

Our Venice tiles feature aggregates up to 10mm.

Our Venetian tiles feature aggregates up to 20mm.