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About Us

We craft a range of unique and sustainable architectural concrete surfaces supplied in collaboration with architects, designers and builders to create innovative solutions for interior and exterior environments. We provide quality products and service with specialist knowledge committed to the ongoing innovation of concrete.

Australia's multiple award winning ventura 10mm polished concrete overlay system is an innovation. it is the only 10mm concrete overlay available in the world! ventura is real Portland cement concrete (not plastic, not epoxy, not resin, not PVC) that does not yellow, split or scuff. Our products create a modern, sophisticated and hard-wearing surface with the inherent character and beauty of concrete.  


Poured in situ, our residential and commercial ventura 10mm polished concrete overlay system is available in an endless combination of colours and aggregates to give you your own tailored and bespoke look. 


Floor couture - timeless, unique, next generation concrete. Endless possibilities, we love concrete.


Screenshot 2023-01-05 at 3.53.43 am.png

Kate Balsis, Creative Director Concrete Collaborative in conversation with DMTV.

Screenshot 2023-01-05 at 4.07.18 am.png
Screenshot 2023-01-05 at 4.09.50 am.png

Sally Smithwick - Concrete Collaborative in 5 Minutes

Erin Brown, of Erin Brown Design Featuring Concrete Collaborative


Source Snack Break featuring Concrete Collaborative

Screenshot 2023-01-05 at 4.23.59 am.png

Unboxing Flat Lay Featuring Concrete Collaborative


CC AUS - Commercial Gallery

The Block 2021.png

CC AUS - Kitchen Gallery

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CC AUS - Bathroom Galery

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CC AUS - Cafes & Bars Gallery

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