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Concrete Cleaner - Biodegradable Lithium Concentrate

Available in 1L, 5L & 10L bottles.

Specifically designed for concrete floors treated with lithium silicate hardening / densifying products.

Removes the most common soiling found on concrete floors and maintains hardness and shine.


Concrete Cleaner - Advantages

✔  Removes most common soiling.

✔  Maintains hardness and shine.

✔  Biodegradable.

✔  Non-hazardous.

✔  No rinsing required for routine cleaning.


Concrete Cleaner - Directions for Use

1. Add 100ml Concrete Cleaner to 8L of fresh water.

2. Do not let cleaner dry on the floor.

3. Apply with a mop or automatic scrubber.

4. Rinsing not necessary after routine cleaning.

5. Buff with a white pad for increased shine.

6. For deep cleaning add 100ml Concrete Cleaner to 6.3L of fresh water.

7. After deep cleaning rinse well with fresh water.

Concrete Cleaner - Biodegradable Lithium Concentrate

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