real concrete overlays

Spec Sheet

Ventura real concrete overlays create a modern, timeless, sophisticated and hard-wearing surface with the inherent beauty of concrete. Real concrete overlay. 

Concrete overlays are not structural and although fully bonded, may reflect structural movement. Minor hairline cracking and minor patching are deemed natural. Other natural characteristics can include tonal variation and minor pitting.

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This bag contains 20kg of pre-mix concrete product. Manual handling of this bag without proper training may result in personal injury. Wherever possible you should use mechanical aids or share the load with another person.


  • Aggregate 0% - 60%​

  • Sand (Quartz) 30% - 60%​

  • Portland cement < 40%

Note: Concrete contains < 1% respirable quartz (Crystalline Silica). Cement products are highly alkaline.


  • Wet cements can be irritating and corrosive to the eyes and skin and may cause dermatitis.


  • Causes skin irritation.

  • Repeated inhalation of dust containing crystalline silica may cause bronchitis, silicosis and lung cancer and may increase the risk of scleroderma.


  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin from both wet and dry cement.

  • Do not breathe in dust.

  • Wear suitable protective clothing, including gloves or barrier cream, eye and respiratory protection.

  • Use dust suppression when mixing.

  • Mix in a well ventilated area.

  • Wash yourself thoroughly after handling.

First Aid

  • IF IN THE EYES: Rinse eyes with plenty of water for 15 minutes. Remove contact lenses, continue rinsing. Seek medical attention.

  • IF INHALED: Remove person to fresh air and keep in a comfortable position for breathing.

  • IF ON SKIN​: Wash thoroughly with plenty of soap and water.

  • Get medical attention / advice if you feel unwell.

Spills and Disposal

  • Keep out of storm water and sewers.

  • Dispose of packaging in appropriate general waste collection (not suitable for recycling).

  • Collect contents in containers for disposal as trade waste in accordance with local authority guidelines.

Additional Information

Listed in Safety Data Sheets available from Concrete-Collaborative.


Directions for Use

  • Thoroughly clean substrate, if necessary by grinding with course grit diamonds. Surface must be clean, dry and sound and be ICRI CSP 3 to 5. If FC sheet over timber, caulk joints to ensure no leakage. Generally ensure compliance to the Australian Tiling Standards.

  • Shoot levels (if required) and place edge strips. Maximum panel size 6m x 6m interior, 4.5m x 4.5m exterior with perimeter edge joints.

  • Pre-fil any trenches to ensure maximum depth 30mm.

  • Using a thick paint roller prime with CC Primer (1kg + 1L = 8 sqm) the day prior and again just before pouring.

  • Using a high-shear concrete mixer empty 20kg bags and mix dry for 1 minute. Evenly and gradually add clean water, pre-blended with CC Conditioner at the noted doses and mix for a minimum of 2 minutes. Stop mixer and see if mix consistency is such that it starts to self-level after air expulsion. Add additional water in 100ml increments. Try not to mix longer than 6 minutes. Don't clean mixer between batches.


  • Discharge and spread evenly (can use CC Screed Box), roll with spiked roller, check flatness and thickness.

  • Spray CC Film evaporation retarder immediately after placement of each panel (1l = 8 sqm).

  • After initial set (when able to walk on, usually next morning) spray CC Curehard curing compound and let cure a minimum of 5 days, preferably 10 days minimum.

  • Coarse grind until aggregate is exposed to desired level (approx. 1.5 - 2 mm) and re-apply CC Curehard using a spray and microfibre applicator, let dry. Complete medium grind, re-apply and fine grind. Run 100 resins.

  • Grout - dampen substrate with coloured CC Primer sprinkle CC Coloured Nano-Cement and run with grouting plates or 100 resins. Manually check for any remaining visible airholes and rub with a 100 block. Do only 3 - 4 sqm at a time.

  • Remove surface grout with 100 resins. Spray CC Lithium Super Hardener and spread with a microfibre applicator. Keep wet for 10 minutes, wet mop off.

  • Continue to complete the honing/polishing process to the desired look or P rating. It is important to remove all dust continually through the process.

  • Clean - wash the floor using CC Maintain cleaner and, if honed, buff with a white twister pad (white 3M if polished).

  • Protect - Spray CC Protector and distribute thinly with a microfibre applicator.  Allow  60 minutes to dry and repeat. Next day, buff with a 3M white polishing pad.

  • Maintain - With CC Maintain cleaner.


20 Kg Mix

4 bag / 5 bag



Classic Terrazzo














440 / 550



480 / 600



660 / 825



Exp Max water





6.60 / 8.25



7.00 / 8.75



9.40 / 11.75



Start Water





5.80 / 7.25



6.20 / 7.75



8.60 / 10.75